Letter to my younger self

Dear Younger Me..

The world is a scary place, and growing up is hard, but you really are doing just fine. There are a few things you should try to understand:

People come and go.  You may think that you have your life all perfect; you have your best friend, your family, your pets, the cute boy down the street, what more could you possibly want? Well the thing is, everyone is trying to grow up and figure out their own life. People’s paths change, and sometimes it leads them away from you.  Your 3rd grade best friend may still be around in 10 years, or you may go through 4 “best friends” in that time, and that is okay. It is hard to let some people go, and harder to let new people in, but its something you should get used to.  You’re going to be forming, and ending, and re-building relationships with people for the rest of your life. Try not to worry, though, the good people that are worth your time will stick around.

Plans change. I know where you picture yourself next Friday night, who will be at graduation, where you’ll attend college, and your career in the next ten years. You got is all planned out. You will be in New York or L.A. working for some huge design firm, changing the world.  But just like people, plans tend to change. Do not panic! If you ever start having second thoughts, never stress.  It is completely normal to have these feelings, and it is 100% okay to change your mind.  And to change it again after that. It is the only way you will learn what it is you truly want. I promise it will all fall into place when it should, and you will be happy.

Trust your instincts. You rely way too much on the opinions of others.  When an idea crosses your mind, think only of yourself.  The minute you let twenty other opinions flood into your head, you are no longer yourself. Never say “yes” out of politeness, and never say “no” out of embarrassment. Trust your gut. More often than not, it will not fail you.

School is not the only thing in the world. You have always been an all A student.  Your first B was quite the disappointment, and while your parents were proud, you felt like a failure. Trust me, school is very important. Do not slack off, because those good grades will get you on honor rolls and scholarship money and so many great things, but that vocab assignment that you just couldn’t finish because your grandma (who usually helps) is out of town and you forgot your book at school probably isn’t going to matter in 10 years.  Or even 5 years.  Let’s be honest it probably won’t matter by next week.  Save the tears for something more important (like the fish that you had to flush).

Neither is your job. Once you’re a little older and you get your driver’s license you’ll probably want to get a job. Good for you! Just remember, like that vocab assignment nightmare in middle school, you cannot let this job control your life. Work a little during the week, some extra spending money is nice to have (and your mother will not complain), but do not work 35 hour weeks your entire senior year and miss out on important “lasts,” because here’s the thing: you have the rest of your entire life to work. You will never get these high school (or college) years back.

High school ends. Speaking of high school years… they too will come to an end. Are you picking up a pattern? Nothing lasts forever.  And I promise you that however nervous you feel to ask that boy to the dance (the shy one you’ve never talked to before), it wont matter in 10 years.  Or 5.  Or next week.  Heck give it a few more years, he may become a close friend! And that horribly embarrassing time that you screwed up a dance routine at boys soccer senior night? You’re the only one that’ll remember that either. High school is a blast, and you should soak up every minute of it, and make lots of good memories. Just remember that this is only the beginning, and there are so many bigger and better things you still have yet to experience.  Any “bad” things that happen to you in these four years is nothing close to the end of the world, so try to relax.

It always gets better. There will be days you will spend in tears because the world (unlike the last melt down) is actually ending today. Wipe your eyes and move along. You will continue to fall down, but you will continue to get right back up. You have been blessed with an amazing family and supportive friends. Lean on them when you need to, and be there to return the favor. There is nothing in this world you cannot face. It will always, always get better.

Everything will be okay in the end.  If its not okay, its not the end.

Keep your head up sweet girl.  life is hard, but you are tougher than your greatest obstacles. You are doing just fine.

Yours Truly,
Pantless Sunday’s

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    You got it, girl!!! ?????

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