Dear Forgotten Passion

I scribbled this the back of a notebook while sitting in the student union a couple weeks ago. I thought I would share.

Dear Forgotten Passion…

I’m sitting in the Union right now waiting for a friend, and my heart is so full. I definitely have forgotten some of the simpler things that make me oh so happy. This morning I had my advising appointment to discuss my class schedule for next semester. Her office is in the education building, and I haven’t been in there at all since last semester. Just walking through the doors made me smile. I know, what a nerd. I sat downstairs in the computer lab and it hit me that I really had forgotten how much I enjoy being in there! You know that feeling when you’re just genuinely the happiest you can be, and everything makes sense, and everything feels so right? Yeah. It was that. I’m currently finishing up my last bit of “boring” courses, so I am not in many education courses this semester, and I have been getting involved with lots of other things, as well as focusing on work. I have almost forgotten the passion that I felt when I first decided to change my major. It is not a bad thing, it just happens, especially when all the newness wears off. But I felt a little glimpse of it again this morning.

This is a particularly important time for me too! As some of you probably know, I am officially applying for the education Master’s program this coming January, and the process is already beginning. Lot’s of paperwork, meetings, background checks, and don’t even get me started on the fees! But we are making progress. Also, a friend asked me not too long ago what I am going to do if I don’t get in, and I really don’t have a backup plan, so if you are reading this right now a quick prayer would be greatly appreciated!

Anyways.. sorry for the little life ramble (although my grandparents will appreciate it), sometimes you just have to get it all out! The moral of the story that I’ve been trying to get at is that life is busy, and things take over. It is so easy to get caught up in things, not necessarily the wrong things, but things that don’t directly correlate with your inner flame. Sometimes you have to take a step back and remind yourself what you are really after. Who knows, maybe all it’ll take is walking through the front door of an old building! I’m going to try to remind myself to reset my focus more often. Whatever it is you’re passionate about, remember how it makes you feel. It is a good feeling, isn’t it? We deserve to feel it often.

Take time to do what makes your soul happy



  1. Carol

    Abbi : Meme sends some of these to us. You write beautiful and heart felt articles! We enjoy reading them so much. This could be your backup plan – journalism but I know you will not need a back up plan as I have full faith in you getting accepted to the Education program. Prayers coming your way
    .Love to you , Uncle Bill and Aunt Carol

    1. Aw thank you so much! You’re right, this would make a good backup plan! Love you guys!

  2. Helen

    Oh my Abbi!! Another great read from you. Your attitude is wonderful! And yes, we love to know all about you! Love you lots!!!?

  3. Vonya

    Loved the article! So excited for you and the adventures that lies ahead of you! Wishing you the best in all you do!
    Aunt Vonya ?

  4. Todd

    Do what your heart tells you. You will never go wrong

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