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Dear 2017

Hello, happy Sunday! It’s Christmas break and you know what that means! As everything from the semester has been winding down, I have taken the time to reflect on the past year. I don’t know about you all, but I tend to forget how much really happens in a year. We all say that the year just flew by, and while it did, I feel like SO much has happened in the past twelve months. Especially being a student, I tend to think in semesters: August-December, what has happened? In the past twelve months, I have completed not one, but two 4.0 semesters, my baby sister became a senior (what?!), I turned 21, and so much more! I thought it would be good to remember a few of the highlights from this past year, so here are some of mine:


  • I rang in 2017 with some of my favorite humans
  • Began my 4th semester at the U of A
  • My Fitbit was born (as some of you know, this is a big deal)
  • I took my first education course
  • Abby and I got Timmy!
  • We also got a new roommate



  • We hunted down the Spongebob popsicles that you buy from the ice cream man
  • I met a dog named Ellie (like my car)
  • Valentines Date with my roomie and our fish
  • Went to a function for one of my best friends fraternities
  • I applied and interviewed for New Student Orientation



  • Went to Texas to see SIDNEY!
  • Adventured my hometown with my momma and my sister
  • Received a position as a New Student Orientation Mentor!!
  • Wore my teacher pants for the first time (observed a 3rd grade and kindergarten classroom)



  • Went to a Skizzy Mars concert (don’t worry I don’t know who he is either..)
  • Went to a formal with a new friend
  • Abbs and I first attempted to make bubble bars


  • Had my last day at Montessori for the summer
  • Reunited with some KC friends for a week
  • Started training for orientation



  • Orientated. Orientated. And Orientated some more
  • Met and bonded with some of the most important people in my life
  • Floated the Buffalo River
  • Jumped in fountains
  • Ran around Fayetteville for a day taking photos
  • Dance parties. Dance parties EVERY NIGHT


  • The only month I spent in KC this past year (crazy right?!)
  • My family’s annual Branson Vacay made a comeback!
  • My sister was named the best grocery sacker in the entire state of Missouri!!!!! (It is a big deal people)



  • Chopped off my hair
  • Moved back to Fayetteville
  • Went back to my job at Montessori
  • More orientation
  • Began my 5th semester at the U of A
  • Adventure Saturday’s and more Spongebob popsicles



  • 1st home football game of the season!
  • Joined the National Society of Leadership and Success
  • Lots of great nights with great friends


  • Attended my first meeting to begin the application process into the education program
  • Visited one of my very best friends in Orlando!
  • Got bit by a spider
  • Had some epic Halloween costumes (our front door did too)





  • My sister chose a college?!?!!
  • Went to KC for a couple days over Thanksgiving
  • Finally made it to the Arkansas vs. Mizzou game, and got to sit in the second row, and got on the jumbotron a lot, and got to go in a suite
  • Most importantly I turned TWENTY-ONE and was so blessed to have such great people to celebrate with me!


  • Drove up to KC to help my buddy celebrate her 21st!
  • My sister turned 18
  • Christmas parties
  • There will be Christmas
  • and my roomie will turn 21

See? It goes by fast, but a lot can happen in twelve months. I have had a lot of experiences this past year that have truly impacted the woman I am becoming, and I am so thankful for every single moment, and every single person in my life this year. What all have you accomplished in 2017?

Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different… -C.S. Lewis

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