28 Happy Days

28 Happy Days!

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone has enjoyed the first month of 2017. It has flown by for me. As I mentioned before, I have really been dreading this semester, but I love all of my classes so far. I think I am going to learn a lot, and I am very excited. For this upcoming month, I’m going to try something new. I have been seeing lots of “30 day challenges” lately, and I have decided that doing one on the blog might be fun! So for the month of February, I am going to be doing a 28 day happiness challenge (using an edited version of the 30 day happiness challenge from silverliningsproject.co.uk). This is going to not only challenge me to focus on myself and my happiness, but it is going to challenge me to post often. In this post I will list out the challenge for each day, and then each day for the next month I will write a short post sharing what I did that day, and a reminder of what the challenge is for the following day. I will not share every single post on my social medias, so make sure to subscribe (if you have not), so you can keep up with the fun. I encourage everyone to join me in these challenges, and feel free to comment, I would love to hear what you are doing. Happy February, lets have a second month just as good as the first :)

28 Day Happiness Challenge

  1. Have an early night
  2. Write down at least 3 good things about today
  3. Phone a friend or a loved one
  4. Practice random acts of kindness
  5. Try a new food or drink
  6. Set a realistic goal
  7. List 10 things you do well
  8. Take a meaningful photo
  9. Do/plan something you love
  10. Treat a friend or a loved one
  11. Help someone today
  12. Write down 10 things you’re grateful for
  13. Swap TV/phone for family time
  14. Share your goals with friends
  15. 10 positive words about you
  16. No complaining for an entire day
  17. Visit a new place
  18. Offer your time
  19. 10 minute chill out
  20. Walk 10,000 steps
  21. Ask a friend your strengths
  22. Have some “me time”
  23. Smile at strangers
  24. Stay off of social media for an entire day
  25. Go for a walk outside
  26. Write a letter to a friend or loved one
  27. Write down one meaningful thing that happened to you today
  28. Make some time to do an activity that you love


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