28 Happy Days – Day 9

Good morning!

Sorry I didn’t get a chance to post last night, I was too busy doing things I love ;) So you can have two posts from me today.

There is nothing I love more than being a weirdo. Originally, my post was going to be about planning something I love. Next time I go to Kansas City I’m going to get a painting that I started working on over the summer and bring it down here so I can finish it. I still am going to do that. But as I was going to bed last night, I realized I had been doing things I love all evening.

Abby and I decided to save our homework for tonight (Friday night homework party woot woot!), so last night we went and got dinner, and also ice cream, because sometimes you just need it. We went to Walmart to get a few things we had been needing. When we got home, we cleaned out Timmy’s tank. (Timmy is our fish, I will tell you the whole story later). This lead to sitting on the floor and singing songs to him. That then lead to an epic dance party for at least an hour or so. We also went to see our neighbors for a little bit, which is always nice. We finished our night at the gym, where we did yoga to cool down. It has been way too long since we’ve done yoga, so we decided we’re going to get back into that. Not once did I think, “Okay I need to have a dance party, and be silly, and do yoga for today’s challenge.” So without even realizing it, I spent the evening doing exactly what I love; being silly with good friends, not caring about school or work or anything bad for a few hours. And it was so good. Plus I got 13,000 steps in! Thank goodness for dance parties!

Doing what you love is where happiness lives 

Today’s Challenge: Treat a friend or a loved one

Enjoy your Friday!

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  1. Helen

    Yay!! Don’t you just
    love fun happy days!!!!! Happiness sometimes comes when least
    expected. ❤❤?

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