28 Happy Days

28 Happy Days – Day 8

Good evening!

So there were several different approaches that I thought about for today’s challenge, take a meaningful photo, as I am the type of person who finds so much inspiration in little photos that are meaningless to most. I decided this afternoon, however, to share something that has inspired me the most lately. As many of you know, I have recently (finally) discovered what I want to spend my life doing, and that is teaching. Immediately after making this decision and changing my major, I started sending my resume to local schools in search of a position in an aftercare. Literally within 48 hours I had an interview at the Montessori School here in town, and I got the job working in the preschool in the afternoons. I was skeptical at first, because this is not the age I would like to work with, but it was a job nonetheless, and I have my foot in the door for my future career.

Preschool Student

This is a photo of a toddler with a snotty nose and a mouth full of pretzels attempting to say “cheese”. This is also a photo of one of the reasons that my heart is so very happy every single day of the week. It is a photo that reassures me that I have made the right choice. Yes, I complain about work; I mean it’s work. It’s snotty noses, and dirty diapers, and insanely wild children. Some days I want to rip my hair out. But there has not been a single day since I’ve started this job that I have gone without a smile and a melted heart. I get paid to walk into a classroom everyday to be greeted with hugs and “Abbi, Abbi, Abbi…” I get to play outside, and read stories, and blow bubbles. I hold hands, and wipe tears, and fix ouchies. I really am thankful to have found something that I don’t mind doing five days a week. Even if it is only 3 hours a day. Even if it is only a part-time college job. It is reassurance for me that I belong in a classroom. I have already learned so much from these little ones since I started back in October, and I love every single one of them with all my heart. Especially this one pictured, she gives the BEST hugs.

What was most meaningful to you today?

Tomorrow’s Challenge: Do/plan something you love



  1. Helen

    Oh Abbi, this is priceless!!!! I can’t take a picture of my most meaningful thing it is reading this blog!! This little one is soooo cute and typical little one mouth full of pretzels and snotty nose trying to say cheese! Real life. Love you

    1. Thank You Meme!! I love you too :)

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