28 Happy Days – Day 7

Happy Tuesday!

Today’s challenge is to write down ten things you do well. 

I believe that I am good at…

  1. Dancing
  2. Listening
  3. Writing
  4. Being a loyal friend
  5. Drawing/Painting
  6. Being patient
  7. Visualizing spaces
  8. Telling bad stories (that are hilarious)
  9. Being optimistic
  10. Helping others

Okay wow, was that difficult for anyone else? I honestly struggled with that. I actually had to get some help! I think that is definitely something to work on; being more loving towards yourself. It is so important to love yourself, and to lift yourself up. I think sitting down and thinking of 10 things you do well is a really good exercise that everyone needs to try sometime. We are so hard on ourselves, at least I am, that it is difficult to come up with these things. You are an incredible human and you are capable of so many things. Find out what these things are and embrace them.

Tomorrow’s Challenge: Take a meaningful photo





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  1. Helen

    Yes, those 10 things are you especially number 8!!! Yackov :)
    Keep up the good work love you

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