28 Happy Days – Day 6

Hi there!

I apologize for being such a slacker yesterday. I didn’t complete the challenge, and I didn’t feel the need to write a post that said I didn’t do anything. Trying a new food is easier to do when you can just try a bite of someone else’s food. I did not have a new food to try yesterday, but I definitely will keep an open mind the next time the opportunity presents itself!

Today’s challenge is to set a realistic goal. Whether its something short term or long and far off, set a goal today that you know can be achieved. And then start now. There is nothing worse than setting a bunch of goals that cannot be attained and then losing motivation the very next day. I am constantly setting and working towards new goals. I am an ambitious person, I am always going after something. The goal that I am setting today is to get more sleep. Even during times that I’m working out, and eating healthy, and taking really good care of myself, I always neglect sleep. It has never been a priority for me. So that is what I am going to start working on in these next few weeks. I will feel so much better, and hopefully I can be even more productive if I am getting 8 hours consistently. 

See, its nothing major. Sometimes I think its better to set smaller goals, and move one step at a time. Baby steps. I am going to start getting more sleep. What realistic goal would you like to work towards? Once you decide, start today. Do not put it off.

You don’t need a new day to start over, you just need a new mindset –Halo Hira Ozbek

Tomorrow’s Challenge: Write Down 10 Things You Do Well

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  1. Helen

    Hi Abbi. Small steps is the best way to achieve goals. Good luck. Just an hour earlier is a good start. Love you

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