28 Happy Days – Day 4

Good evening!

Hopefully everyone has had a wonderful Saturday. I did nothing too exciting. I did get my bedroom and bathroom cleaned, which is nice! I also ran some errands to pick up a few things I’ve been needing, and I had some much needed Abbi-time. Today’s challenge was to complete random acts of kindness. I originally thought this meant do something big, like pay for someone’s meal, which is great and kudos to you if you did that. My acts of kindness today were smaller, though. I held doors open at stores, smiled at strangers, and was a very polite driver ;)  I also plan on putting my spare change in the collection basket at church tomorrow. No matter how big or small your acts of kindness are, they touch the lives of others. If a simple smile has the power to turn someone’s day around, then why not smile at everyone? It takes an extra 10 seconds to help the person in the grocery store who has just dropped something on the floor. We live in a society of selfishness. If something is not benefiting me, why should I do it? Think about how nice it feels when someone takes a little step out of their way to help you out; you should pay that feeling forward. Whether its paying for someone’s meal, or smiling at a stranger, make an effort to do something for others when you can. The impact of even the smallest acts can be quite big.

Never get tired of doing little things for others. For sometimes, those little things occupy the biggest part of their heart.  -Ida Azhari

Tomorrow’s Challenge: Try a new food or drink

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  1. Helen

    Oh so very true!!!! Little acts of kindness makes a huge difference!!!! Love you

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