28 Happy Days

28 Happy Days – Day 14

Good morning!

Did everyone have a happy Valentine’s Day? We had a little party at work, and I got valentine’s from all the kiddos. It was really sweet. Then last night my roommate and I cooked and got all dressed up and had a romantic candle-lit dinner. We got each other gifts and everything. It was actually the best Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had!

Did you share your goals with a friend? I have mentioned before that I am constantly setting and achieving new goals. I do this by writing them down, but also by telling friends! I have some incredibly supportive friends who not only support the goals I set but push me to achieve them. My roommate is especially good (she lives with me and witnesses my every move), she is always pushing me to stay on track with my goals no matter what they are. I also have  few other close friends that I like to talk to about what I’m currently working towards. It is nice to have supportive people that push you to be your best self. It can be nice, sometimes, to just take a few minutes to really talk about what it is you’re wanting to achieve. It helps you to think about your goals, and it allows others to help you get there. 

Today’s Challenge: 10 positive words about you 

Happy Wednesday :)

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  1. Helen

    Hi Abbi,
    Glad you had a nice Valentines Day!! Friends are nice to have for various reasons – nice to have them to rely on. Aren’t school parties great? Your babies love you. Have a great day!!
    Love you

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