28 Happy Days – Day 1

Good evening!

I hope that everyone’s day has been well. I have had a very productive day, actually. I was able to get in a workout and lots of homework this morning before class and work. I am home now and just finished up dinner. Today is day one of the happiness challenge, and it is to have an early night. This alone is quite a challenge for me! I typically head to bed sometime between 12 and 1 am. I try to go to bed sooner when I have early classes, and I’m up later on the weekends, but on average that is about the time I fall asleep every night. Luckily, due to the very productive day I have had, I definitely can have an early night. My plan is to finish up the last few things I need to do for tomorrow, and then start winding down. I will have all my electronics put away by 10 at the latest (which seems late, but that is early people!) I also would like to get in a little bit of reading before I go to sleep. 

I am very excited to enjoy a quiet, peaceful evening, and I hope you can do the same!
I’ll check back tomorrow. Have a wonderful evening!

Tomorrow’s Challenge: Write down at least three good things about today. 


  1. Pam

    Peace out! Headed to bed. Day 1… done!

    1. Woo Hoo! You go girl!

  2. Pam

    Day 2:
    1) Spoke on the phone with my daughter who is away at college.
    2)Ate dinner at LaFuentes,one of my favorite restaurants.
    3)Received hugs from my youngest daughter!

  3. Helen

    Yay!! Good job on day 1

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