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17 Promises to My Baby Sister

I don’t promise to be perfect, but I promise to be there when you need me me

Dear Baby Sister,

I love you more than you could ever imagine. I spend so much time trying to make sure I am the perfect role model, counselor, friend, etc. I want to give you everything you need. I always take you into consideration when I make decisions, my mistakes make me worry I have let you down. I never want you to be in a pinch and think that because I did something a certain way, you should do it too, so I work hard to be the very best I can be. But I am still a young girl, just like you. I’m trying the best I can, but I’m not perfect. So I won’t promise you to always be perfect, but there are a few things I will:

  1. I Promise to worry: I know you do not want me to, but someone’s gotta do it! I will always worry about how you’re doing, who you are with, if you are happy, all of it. If you ever find yourself feeling alone or like nobody cares, remember I never stop.
  2. To be your personal advice-giver: I know you don’t like to ask for help. You would rather keep to yourself and figure things out your own way. Know that whatever it is, I’ve been through it (or something similar) probably more than once. And I am still surviving! You can always come to me with absolutely anything. I always wished I had someone older to tell me how to respond to a text, what to wear on the date, or what to expect at the party. Take advantage of this.
  3. To put you in your place: We all get a little adventurous sometimes. You may venture so far from the path that you begin to lose yourself. I promise to always bring you back and remind you of the person you are.
  4. To support you always: Growing up we haven’t always seen eye-to-eye on everything. There will be things we disagree on for the rest of our lives, that’s just how it is. While I may not agree 100% of the time, even when no one else does, I will always support you. I’ll never leave your side.
  5. To order you around: Because would we really be “us” if I didn’t?
  6. To give you my honest opinion: It may not always be what you want to hear, but you will find a way to appreciate it in the long run.
  7. To be a kick-ass MOH (Maid of Honor): Because what kind of sister would I be if I wasn’t? And if the day comes and you decide to choose someone else, I will still love you… just a tiny bit less ;)
  8. To be your friend at family gatherings: You’re in the mood to hide awkwardly in the corner? I’m down. Chill by the desserts? You got it. And I can guarantee you’ll never be alone on the dance floor.
  9. To flee the country… God forbid you ever need to. I mean, I’ve always wanted to go to Greece!
  10. To comfort your broken heart: Whether it be boys, friends, school, whatever. Life is hard and people are mean. Ice cream, crappy movies, and sister time can do wonders.
  11. To bust you out of sticky situations: Yeah I’ll call you and pretend to be dying. Whatever it takes, just say the word.
  12. To embarrass you: I am not afraid to hide on the stairs with my best friend while your boyfriend is over because we think we’re freaking hilarious, or tell your friends too much information about my personal life. I don’t mind making our walk through target a musical production. I’ll do whatever it takes. This is my job.
  13. To always hold your thumb during the “Our Father”: This one makes sense to no one but you, but that is okay.
  14. To laugh with you, and cry with you: And then punch the reason for your tears in the face.
  15. To always have an open door: Even when I’m married with my seven children and its 3 a.m. on a week night. You need me? Get over here. Who needs sleep anyways?
  16. To be the greatest roommate when you come to Arkansas and live with me. Notice I didn’t say “if” :)
  17. To hug you too tight for too long, to be your partner in crime, and forever best friend.

You mean the world to me. I hope today is everything you could hope for.

Happy 17th Birthday

Yours Truly,
Pantless Sunday’s


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